Moped Rental Contract

Hawaiian Island Scooters

I hereby agree to the following statements regarding the rental of This moped,

  1. I am responsible for any damages to the rental during the rental period.

  2. If the moped is stolen, or damaged beyond repair during the rental, I will pay Hawaiian Island Scooters $2,000 for the moped.

  3. Hawaiian Island Scooters does not warranty ANY bikes outside of Kailua Kona.

  4. If you take a Moped/Motorcycle outside of Kailua Kona and it breaks down you are responsible for ALL damages to the Bike and a $55 per hour service fee, for us to come pick up the bike.

  5. I will NEVER ride with 2 people on this moped.

  6. I am the ONLY person allowed to drive this moped.

  7. I will ALWAYS lock the moped up to a bike lock, or pole.

  8. I agree to return the moped with a full tank (to the top line) or pay a $25 Fill Up Fee.

  9. I give Hawaiian Island Scooters permission to charge my credit card up to $2,000 for any damages, tickets, impounds, or any other costs I caused during my rental.